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The Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies (AHFSA) was established in 1968 as a not-for-profit organization to provide a forum for health care regulatory agency directors and managers to address common interests, concerns, and health care program issues. Today, AHFSA actively participates with CMS, providers, and advocacy groups in planning, implementing, and assessing the quality and effectiveness of health care programs.


Promoting Quality Health Care Services
AHFSA member agencies are responsible for improving the quality of services provided by health care facilities, agencies, and programs by ensuring that they meet established standards. Member agencies promote practices to improve the quality of care and quality of life by providing training and educational programs to providers and consumers of health care services. The members of AHFSA are the quality assurance arm of the Medicare-Medicaid and state regulatory programs.

Protective Oversight
Members of AHFSA also investigate complaints of abuse and/or neglect of individuals and poor care or inadequate practices by health care providers.Providers and/or individuals face criminal prosecution, administrative sanctions, and fines for abusing, neglecting, or harming the health, safety, or welfare of individuals under their care.

AHFSA members conduct periodic, on-site, comprehensive inspections of health care institutions and programs to determine compliance with federal and state requirements. Failure to comply with applicable requirements may result in the imposition of a variety of remedial actions.


The state licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico are members of this association.

Impact on Health Care
AHFSA members impact virtually all regulated providers of health care in the United States. The Medicare and Medicaid participating institutions, services, and programs regulated include thousands of facilities with millions of beds and programs and services of more than 100,000 providers. AHFSA members regulate these providers with several thousand professional staff at a total cost that is less than one percent of the total payments made on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Improving the Regulatory Process
AHFSA has taken a leadership position in developing and implementing programs and initiatives to: 1-improve health care consumers’ quality of care and quality of life; 2-enhance and improve inspection procedures, regulatory processes, and inspection team performance; 3-educate providers and consumers about health care regulatory requirements; 4-improve the efficiency of the regulatory process by developing and implementing computerized programs that effectively manage data and information; and 5-provide information and data about health care systems.

Public Accountability
Since AHFSA members are state governmental agencies that are accountable to state and federal legislative and administrative bodies, their performance is monitored on an ongoing basis. Performance measures are routinely reported and are accessible to the public. In addition, survey and complaint findings are open to review by the public in each state.


President  - Mark Hennessey, NY.
President -ElectCorinna Getchell, DE.
Vice President - Tracey Niekamp, MO.
Treasurer - Caroline Tippens, TN.
Corresponding Secretary -  LaTrina Frazier, OK. 
Recording Secretary - Lacey Hunter, KS.
Past President - Kim Smoak, FL.

Executive Director - Tara Foy, NC.

Regional REPS

Region 1 - Bill Montejo, ME.
Region 2 - Pamela Lebak, NJ.
Region 3 - Ann Chronister, PA.
Region 4 - Tricia Steward, KY.
Region 5 - Jennifer Belden, MI.
Region 6 - Michelle Dionne-Vahalik, TX.
Region 7 - Vicki Worth, IA.
Region 8 - Jo Tansey, CO.
Region 9 - Mandi Posner, CA.
Region 10 - Dana Selover, OR.

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